Articles of Association

Adopted on 13 July 2019.
§ 1 The company's name is Ekornes AS. The company is a private limited company.
§ 2 The company's registered office is in Sykkylven.
§ 3 The company's objects are to conduct business activities and any other business related thereto including also participation in other companies.
§ 4 The share capital is NOK 36,892,989 divided into 36,892,989 shares, each with a nominal value of NOK 1.
§ 5 Authority to sign on behalf of the company is held by: (a) the Chair of the Board acting alone; or (b) the Vice-Chair and one board member acting together.
§ 6 The company's shares are freely transferable
§ 7 The ordinary general meeting shall transact and resolve the following business:
(a) Adopt the annual accounts and annual report, including distribution of dividends.
(b) Other business which according to law or the company's articles of association falls under the general meeting.